About product:

  • - Compatible with most home Wi-Fi routers
  • - Operates in the 2.4 GHz band
  • - Connect up to 24 devices at once


Better signal for your internet

If you are constantly troubled by a weak signal from your WI-Fi router, Xiaomi has the ideal solution as always. The extender that is suitable for every home ensures that you will no longer have a problem catching the signal even in the garden! Two powerful antennas ensure fast data transfer to your devices. You can connect up to 24, which is certainly enough for the whole family.

Care like a pro

Extender has network fault detection, which will automatically alert you in a mobile application that is easy to install on your mobile. If there is a problem, the app will provide you with a solution to easily fix it. The design is a simple plug-in, so just plug it into the plug at the desired location. The amplifier also automatically updates itself without any settings.

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